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Chinese Lunar New Year is this Monday 23rd, 2012. Happy New Year! It’s the year of the dragon.

As a child we would always receive red envelopes with money in them for the New Year. After marriage though now we are the ones to pass these out. I still get one from my mom though. ;) These red envelopes symbolize good luck!

This year I thought it would be cute to make them. I used red patterned paper from the scrap booking section of Michaels and added red card stock accents. Card stock is a bit hard to fold so paper thin is best. The templates to make the envelopesĀ are included here. Small, large and one w/ some dragon embellishment circles.

The envelopes could be used for any occasion perhaps to hold a love note for Valentines?

Little boo likes to puts presents i.e. (paper, crayons) in the envelope and sing happy birthday.

Download theĀ free printables here: