Alphabet letters to trace | Letter A

Alphabet letters to trace

Alphabet letters to trace

Alphabet letters to trace | Letter A

This is Paper and the Pea’s first alphabet trace worksheet. Little cloud loves stories and mazes. This is a combination of the two to help kids enjoy tracing and writing letters. It will also help children memorize the proper steps.  We’ve tried traditional tracing pages but I always have to add little drawings on it in order for little cloud to actually do them.

So read the little story to your little ones and let them know the order in which to trace with your finger. Tell them draw a line from the star to star, circle to circle, square to square. Have them trace the larger A then let them trace the smaller letters by themselves. As a reward allow your child to color the little ant and his apple!

The first worksheet I did was B. And I was seriously amazed when she started tracing and writing the letter B on her own! 🙂 So happy! She even recited the little poem.

Side note: Little cloud help change this story! At first I was thinking that the ant wouldn’t end up with the apple but she didn’t like that story! 🙂

Paper & the Pea

Download Letter A Tracing Worksheet


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  1. Alicia

    I was randomly scanning the internet for ideas on how to do this for my 3 year old & came across this! I love it, thank you!


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