Alphabet Letters to Trace | Letter Z

Alphabet Tracing Worksheets | Letter Z

Alphabet Tracing Worksheets | Letter Z

Wow wee! It’s been a long journey through the alphabets! We finally made it to upper case Z! Yippie!

We are going to the zoo
That’s what we are going to do
Let’s zig and zag through
Seeing animals old and new

When little cloud was 2 we used to go to two zoos. There was a small zoo up the hill from us and a local larger zoo. I would sing this song to her on our way there:

We are going to zoo zoo. That’s what we are going to do do do!

So in this little Paper Pea zoo you can travel through and see ants, bears, elephants, giraffes, lions, owls, tigers, and zebra fish! Notice they are in alphabetical order! :)

You’ll see some familiar characters along the way. Do you want to go the zoo? Now I want to too!


Paper and the Pea

Download Printable Tracing Letter Z Worksheet
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  1. Tara H on said:

    This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing so many great letter printables.

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