How to make a cardboard dollhouse

Cardboard Doll house

Cardboard DollhouseCardboard Dollhouse

I’ve been pining for this doll house : I’ve also been thinking of splurging on a bookcase doll house made by Land of Nod (

But to satisfy my doll house carving I’ve decided to create one on the cheap out of cardboard. It cost me next to nothing and has the same effect. And it was super fast to make!

What you’ll need: Cardboard box, gift wrapping, construction paper, tape

What you will need:

What you will need:


Cut the long folds of the cardboard out to the width of the box. Make it a little larger than the intended width. Gift wrap the folds they will be the floors of the house. The smaller folds can either be dividers/walls or can be used to build the roof. Push in the floors. I used tape to hold it up. You can wallpaper the walls with construction paper or more gift wrapping.

This little project only took me about 20 minutes. I find I have limited time for crafts so this was a perfect project.  The furniture and dolls came from other play sets we have.

I was really happy with my little dollhouse but even happier to see my little boo playing with it.

How to make a cardboard dollhouse

How to make a cardboard dollhouse

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