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Cutting Activity

Easy kids activity idea | Cut Doll Hair

Cutting Activity

Cutting Activity

DIY | “Grow” doll hair and cut it

This is a fun easy kid activity idea to “grow”/make doll hair and cut it. We don’t really grow the hair but we do make a new head of hair on the doll with yarn and double sided tape.

Cloud is getting her first haircut soon so I wanted to prepare her for it. It’ll be a big day for us. I love her hairĀ  but long hair is very hard to manage. Luckily she seems excited about getting a “snow white” haircut.

Make sure you tell your child not to cut their own hair.

Cut Doll hair

Cut Doll hair


  • Bald headed baby doll
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • tape/double sided tape


  1. Cut long strands of yarn.
  2. Place double sided tape on top of baby doll head.
  3. Stick strands of yarn on doll head. The more yarn you place the more realistic it will look.
  4. Let your child cut the baby’s hair.

Skills: Creativity, cutting


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